DSL Configuration for TurnKeyOnline

TurnKeyOnline provides support for several major operating systems. If your questions are not answered here or if you require additional assistance please visit our contacts page for information on how and when to reach our support staff.

General settings - A quick reference of settings and configurations specific to TurnKeyOnline.

Step 1: Connect DSL Modem

Connecting your DSL modem and filters.

  • DSL Modem
  • Wireless DSL Modem/Router (Coming Soon)

Step 2: Configure Computer

To help establish your connection to the internet as quickly as possible, we've supplied the following step-by-step walkthroughs, for some of the most popular operating systems.


  • Mac OS X (Coming Soon)

Static IP

(Coming Soon)

If you are still experiencing problems, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for solutions to some of the most common connection problems.