Power PRO
Great for Sharing & Social Networking
  • 10/2 Mbps Download/Uploads
  • 15 GB Anytime Downloads
  • 15 GB Bonus Bytes
  • FREE Standard Installation
  • Lease or Purchase Options
  • 5GB TurnKeyVault PC Backup
  • 25GB TurnKeyMail
  • Free Voxwire Web Meetings
Power MAX
Great for Watching Videos & Streaming
  • 15/2 Mbps Download/Uploads
  • 20 GB Anytime Downloads
  • 20 GB Bonus Bytes
  • FREE Standard Installation
  • Lease or Purchase Options
  • 5GB TurnKeyVault PC Backup
  • 25GB TurnKeyMail
  • Free Voxwire Web Meetings
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 15 Years of Acclaimed Service
  • 24x7 Customer Support
  • Company-owned data center
What is TurnKeyOnline Satellite Internet?
TurnKeyOnline has partnered with HughesNet, the largest satellite provider of Internet access in the world, to bring cutting-edge Internet satellite technology to your home. HughesNet is rural broadband that's available to you no matter where you live in the United States, even where cable and DSL don't reach. With speeds up to 15 Mbps available*, you can now experience the advantages of broadband in remote areas across the country. Read on to find out how it works!
How does it work?
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Step 1

A request for a Web page is sent from your computer to a satellite about 22,000 miles out in space. At this altitude, the satellite's period of rotation (24 hours) matches the earth's, and the satellite always remains in the same spot over the earth (geosynchronous orbit). Because Internet via satellite is so technologically advanced, this distance hardly makes a difference, even with rural Internet connections.

Step 2

The satellite contacts the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC) which locates the specific Website you have requested.

Step 3

The Website beams the information back along the same path to the NOC, then to the satellite, and then to your computer through your HughesNet dish and modem. Although the signal travels a great distance, there is only a fraction of a second delay during this transmission. This is similar to the delay you may have experienced when using a cell phone. In most cases, latency isn't apparent while surfing online. Once the technology is set up in your home, connecting to the Internet via satellite is simple.
More Information
Visit our official authorized HughesNet dealer site for more information on what plans are best for you, current promotions, and more!

*Stated speeds are not guaranteed.
**Plans only available on the EchoStar XVII satellite. Certain geographical areas are not covered by this satellite.
$49.99 is available with the Power service plan only. Offer represents $10 savings off the $49.99 promotional Power monthly service fee. After six months, the monthly fee reverts back to $49.99. $9.99 monthly equipment Lease fee applies. HughesNet service and equipment must be purchased or leased by between 09/17/12 and 12/31/12. Restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited. New customers only.
All plans require a 24-Month commitment.